Marco Sanchez spends a lot of his days in Houston traffic. As a porter, he drives for a living, transporting cars from one dealership to another.

So when he was stuck bumper-to-bumper over the weekend, he decided to have a little fun with the driver next to him in an SUV who had been trying — unsuccessfully — to get into the lane where Sanchez was.

“I was like, ‘I’m going to let him go, but I’m going to give him a challenge,’ ” Sanchez said Tuesday.

A video shows Sanchez with his window down, yelling out to the other driver: “You’re trying to get in? Let’s play paper, rock, scissors for it. Paper, rock, scissors. I’ll let you in if you win.”

The driver, Josh Argento, inches up and looks at Sanchez for a second. Argento said he wasn’t sure whether Sanchez was going to road-rage at him for trying to merge into his lane.

“C’mon,” Sanchez, 21, urges in the video, as he bounces his fist and throws out scissors fingers.

Argento said that was when he got it.

They both throw out scissors at the same time. Tie.

They go a second round, and Sanchez does rock. In a stroke of luck, Argento makes a paper hand for the win.

“Oooh, go for it, man,” Sanchez says with a laugh and waves him in.

Sanchez put his video on social media, and it has been watched more than 2 million times. He wrote this post with it:

“Stuck in Houston traffic like always!  And this guy wanted to get in front of me! And I wasn’t gonna have it TODAY….with out challenging him on a game of Paper-Rock-Sciccors ” 

Argento, 33, who was in the car with his parents, his wife and his son, said even if he lost, he suspected Sanchez would have let him in.

Sanchez said he’d never before thought about playing a game like that on the road. He said he was surprised he had the courage to do it. He generally doesn’t make eye contact with other drivers because “Houston traffic is horrible, they’re going to cuss you out.”

But he was in a good mood Saturday. Even though he was working, his boss had just told him to go home early, and he had plans to go fishing.

Sanchez said he was just glad he turned what could have been a miserable moment in traffic into a fun gag.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to make people laugh and smile,” he said.

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