Smokey the dog isn’t a good swimmer. But there he was, stuck in the deep end of a backyard pool after falling in, clearly in distress and trying to keep his head above water.

Remus, his dog buddy, paced back and forth poolside, looking agitated as he watched Smokey struggling. The two had just been horseplaying.

Then, a surveillance video shows, Remus does something that has had the Internet cheering him for days:

He jumps in the pool and helps push Smokey out to safety. Then Remus coolly jumps out of the pool himself, and the two prance off together, wagging tails. It happened April 29.

Laurie Becerra, whose surveillance camera took the video at her Mesa, Ariz., home, posted the video on Facebook.

“Remus is so smart. He’s just a good, great dog,” Becerra told “He just went under and pushed him with his head, like pushed him up and out.”

She said it was emotional for her to watch the video the first time, and she still gets choked up now thinking back on what could have happened to Smokey.

Smokey is their new rescue dog, according to a Facebook post by her husband, Jay. He wrote that Remus belongs to their daughter, but they were dog-sitting for Remus while their daughter was on a business trip.

“Scary to see this happen,” he wrote.

To be sure Smokey doesn’t get into this kind of trouble again, the Becerras have since gotten Smokey a bright orange life vest, according to FOX 10 Phoenix TV news, because Remus won’t always be around to save him.

The couple said they are so grateful Remus had the instinct to jump in and help.

Wrote Jay Becerra: “Remus is a hero.”

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