We got lots of responses to our first round of The Pope Asks – a little digital feature we’re doing around Francis’s one-year anniversary that lets you see the questions Francis is asking Catholics and to offer your own perspective. Watch this space today for some of the answers that came in from the first round, which focused mostly on faith in a traditional family context.

To prepare for an unusual, major meeting he’s called for the fall, Francis asked bishops around the world to gather input from Catholics on many of the areas that are most challenging for the church, including same-sex marriage, divorce and contraception. While Francis’s questions were directed to Catholics, you’ll see the topics he’s asking about are very broad, so we edited his words slightly because we think many non-Catholics will find reason to jump in.

The second round focuses on how couples think about having children. You can leave your answers in the comments section below, or fill out a larger survey here.

Today’s question: Do you see any moral differences between various forms of family planning, or contraception?