Maryland Gov.-elect Larry Hogan, center, greets members of the House of Delegates in front of his former gubernatorial campaign opponent, outgoing Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, back, in Annapolis on Jan. 14. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Maryland Gov.-elect Larry Hogan (R) will be sworn into office on Wednesday, replacing Democrat Martin O’Malley and bringing two-party rule back to Annapolis. Here is our take on what will be in and out with a new administration in town (please add to this list by posting suggestions in the comments section):

Out In
Tax hikes Tax cuts
Pre-K expansion Charter school expansion
Castlebay Harry Browne’s
Guinness in the mansion A kimchi refrigerator in the mansion
Celtic rock Country and classic rock
Former Baltimore mayoral staffers Former Ehrlich staffers
Progressivism Bipartisanship
William O’Malley Jaymi Sterling
Advice from Gary Hart Advice from Chris Christie
D.C. suburbs Rural counties
Hating Comptroller Peter Franchot (D) Loving Comptroller Peter Franchot (D)
Selfies Facebook photos
Black muscle shirts Dad jeans
Fixing the health exchange Paying for fixing the health exchange
Washington’s professional football team The Washington Redskins
Fashion shoots in the governor’s mansion An art studio in the governor’s mansion
The O’Malley roast beef and provolone sandwich Hogan’s bipartisan crab soup
Lifelong public servants Private sector converts
Green and white Red, black, white and gold
Rail Roads