(Courtesy of Officetime.net’s annual time waster survey)

Can we all just stop?

How many times have you grumbled about your e-mail. Then, in a burst of faux productivity, fired off a bunch just to get them out of your inbox? How often have you felt virtuously busy and productive all day, only, at the end of it to realize all you’ve done is … e-mail.

We hate it.

We love it.

And, not surprisingly, the fourth annual Top Time Killers survey released Tuesday morning by OfficeTime, has once again found that e-mail is the biggest time waster of our day.

Meetings came in a close second.

OfficeTime.net, a time tracking software company based in London, surveyed 1,200 professionals and small business owners in February for  Time Management Month (who knew?), to gauge the biggest time wasters and productivity killers in our work days.

Surprisingly — to me anyway — only 14 percent of the respondents cited Internet surfing as a waste of time. (Thats good, I suppose, because if you’re reading this post, that means you’ve been surfing the Web.)

Seven percent said their commute was a time waster.

And 7 percent reported dealing with tech problems was a time killer (What? Hasn’t anyone’s wireless router gone out and wasted up their entire day trying to fix it. That was last Tuesday.)

The survey also found that nearly half of those responding said they procraaaastinate. And waste a lot of time doing busy work (e-mail!) and putting off more important, productive or necessary tasks.

Respondents were also asked why they procrastinate and waste time. Here’s what they said:

Feeling stressed – 70 percent

Feeling Uninspired – 68 percent

Unresponsive Clients – 64 percent

OfficeTime CEO Stephen Dodd suggests setting up rewards for yourself after getting an unpleasant but important task done.

So I’m going to go get some trail mix now that this post is filed. I suggest you do the same. And when I come back, I vow not to fire off a bunch of e-mails. I really will get that book review started.