With record-setting cold temperatures hitting parts of the United States and the D.C. region, some police departments have been having a little fun by arresting Queen Elsa, the popular character from Disney’s hit movie “Frozen” who uses her magical powers to turn a town into ice.

On Tuesday, the Arlington County Police Department posted  on their Facebook page: “Police in S.C. have arrested Elsa” as part of a joke including other characters “wanted” for the cold weather snap. Queen Elsa took the top spot on the Arlington police’s “Cold Case Unit” List of the Most Wanted characters. Among the others are: 2) Punxsutawney Phil, the nationally known groundhog who police allege “promised six more weeks of winter” on Feb. 2; 3) Snow Miser, who police said is best known for turning “everything in his clutch” to snow; and 4) Jack Frost, who they allege “nipped noses and toes.”

In Hanahan, S.C., police posted on their Facebook page — under the headline “Breaking News! The Ice Queen has been arrested” — that Queen Elsa was arrested earlier this week as she tried to freeze a fountain at City Hall.

The frigid temperatures have wrecked havoc on water main pipes throughout the Washington region, keeping utility companies and plumbers plenty busy and some roads closed as crews work to fix the problems.

Metro has reported chronic problems during the recent spate of cold weather mornings with train malfunctions and cracked or broken rails. Roads in the area are getting pitted with potholes, and vehicles have been covered in a gray and white dusting from the chemicals that have been spread on streets to help clear the ice and snow.

The publicity stint in South Carolina, according to the Post and Courier newspaper, was arranged by the police department and Glass Slipper Productions, a company that has princess characters come to parties in South Carolina. Photos show a police officer arresting the queen, who is wearing  her blue dress, using pink handcuffs and putting her into a police car. Temperatures in the South Carolina area were expected to be in the 30s Tuesday.

The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang is calling for temperatures in the region to remain up to 20 degrees below normal. At Dulles International Airport, the temperature dropped to -4F degrees Tuesday morning, shattering the previously set record from 1967.