When Mayor Muriel E. Bowser delivered her legalized marijuana guidelines this week, she tried to ease concerns of naysayers with promises that there are enough provisions in place to prevent things from getting out of hand here. The District, she said, would not become like, gasp, Amsterdam.

Well now, the Dutch aren’t happy and think the nation’s capital could actually learn a thing or two from the ostensible pot capital of the world.

The Netherlands Embassy in D.C., as the Washingtonian first reportedwrote an article Thursday analyzing how D.C. and Amsterdam actually compare to one another.

Here’s what they found: Amsterdam has more museums, bike lanes, and — no shocker with this one — streetcar lines than D.C. And the kicker? Amsterdam, in many ways, has more stringent marijuana laws than D.C.

In the Netherlands, for instance, residents may carry only .176 ounces of marijuana on them without being arrested. In D.C., that number is two ounces. (It is not legal to possess any marijuana, though you won’t be arrested if you have less than .176 ounces.) In the Netherlands it is also illegal to grow marijuana. You can grow up to six plants in D.C.

And while, yes, there are coffee shops in Amsterdam where weed can be purchased, each person may consume only five grams of marijuana. And, as of 2013, only Netherlands residents may purchase these products, preventing the city from being filled with pot tourists. Marylanders and Virginians are free to smoke and possess legally in D.C.

“Mayor Muriel Bowser said this week that the District will not become “like Amsterdam,” as though being “like Amsterdam” would be a bad thing,” the Dutch Embassy wrote on its website today.

Et tu, Bowser?

See the Dutch Embassy infographic below comparing D.C. and Amsterdam: