Adam Eidinger lights a joint after holding a “ceremonial planting” at a private residence in Washington on Thursday. (Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post)

Russia has weighed in on marijuana legalization in D.C. and, well, it seems we’re all doomed to a life of drug addiction.

The Russian Health Ministry’s top drug specialist, according to Interfax news service, rebuked Initiative 71 — the D.C. law that went into effect Thursday legalizing possession of  marijuana — and warned his country not to legalize the drug.

“When authorities take their cues from the basest interests of the population, what will happen is everyone will become drug addicts,” Yevgeny Bryun, the Russian Health Ministry’s top drugs specialist, told the Interfax news service. “The path from marijuana to hard drugs doesn’t happen in 100 percent of cases, but it’s common. The use of marijuana is a gateway to stronger drug addiction, and people who have genetic and inherent risk factors are sure to become addicts.”

Russia has long been criticized for its harsh treatment of drug addicts and its lack of rehabilitation systems. The head of the country’s federal drug control service has said that drugs would never be legalized in the country.

A new study found that marijuana is safer than previously thought and more than 100 times less deadly than booze.

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