The National Zoo produces plenty of links to watch its animals on Web cameras. Usually, the animals are cute, fluffy and busy — like, say, Bao Bao the panda.

This time, the zoo put up one of an animal that doesn’t seem well suited to constant camera coverage — a sloth.

In a Twitter message, the zoo said Wednesday that it launched a “new action-packed two-toed sloth cam.” With the hashtag #DropItLikeASloth — a play on words to the popular song “Drop It Like It’s Hot” by American rapper Snoop Dogg.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

The video shows a sloth doing, well, nothing. Okay — it appears to be breathing.

The zoo put up on its Facebook page a detailed description of the sloth, describing the two-toed animals as being native to Central and South America. Their description went on, “their brownish-gray fur curves from the stomach to the back, unlike most mammals, allowing rain to run off.”

“The fur is usually home to algae, which help camouflage these rainforest canopy animals.”

Many people had comments.

John Caron described it as “Perfect meditative serenity. Like watching grass grow.”

Ingrid Reinert said, “action packed LOL.”

Mary Ann McIntosh wrote, “Not sure I can handle the action. Nope. Too much stress for me.”

DCist first wrote about the sloth camera April Fools’ prank.