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Hundreds sign petition for nursing moms. Nationals say change is on the way.

An Opening Day logo adorns the field at Nationals Park before a game between the Nationals and the New York Mets on Monday. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Katie Ray says that when she went to the Washington Nationals’ season opener Monday, there weren’t suitable options for nursing her 8-month-old son. The conference room the organization typically offers for nursing, she said, is stuffy and warm, requiring the door to be open for air flow. She couldn’t watch the game in the room and, with the door open, it’s not particularly private.

So Ray, an Arlington resident and season-ticket holder, created a petition Tuesday on calling on Washington’s baseball team to provide “a mother’s room” at the stadium.

“Unfortunately, after Monday, we were soured about bringing him again, which was against the whole plan of what the season tickets were for,” Ray said.

It seems the petition’s requests are already being considered.

A Nationals spokeswoman said Wednesday the team is in the process of creating “a state-of-the-art space” to accommodate nursing mothers. In the meantime, the organization will try to respond to the feedback in Ray’s petition, which has about 400 signatures.

“As part of planned 2015 season projects, we are in the preliminary stages of creating a state-of-the-art space to accommodate nursing mothers, and hope to have it completed and open by the All-Star break,” team officials wrote in an email. “In the interim, we will work to address the feedback in the petition, including ensuring the game is broadcast in the current space, the room’s use is clearly identified and that the temperature is more consistent.”

The Nationals’ Web site says the ballpark currently offers nursing mothers the Reagan Conference Room in the stadium to use after the first pitch. If that’s not available, they can use one of the stadium’s “family restrooms.” But, according to the petition, there is no seating in these restrooms, rendering them “not a sanitary space for feeding a baby.” Ray also wrote in the petition that there are no electrical outlets in these restrooms.

“We realize it is not mandated by law that your facility provide any accommodations, however we implore the organization to consider the fans and their families who love coming to games with their nursing and bottle-fed babies, but do not want to be isolated from enjoying a game we have paid a ticket to see,” the petition reads.

Ray and her husband are longtime Nationals fans and welcomed the news of the proposed changes to the stadium.

“It’s supposed to be a family fun activity,” she said, “not something that stresses you out.”