On June 6, you can expect to see hundreds of people in Dupont Circle, dancing to music — not choreographed, not synchronized and in silence. With Love DC, a group that aims to make the District more “joyful and love-filled,” is hosting a silent disco on the circle.

During a silent disco, there is no music blaring from speakers and the dance floor is, well, silent. Instead, all discogoers wear headphones and listen to the same music at the same time, forming a dance party in which only those plugged in can participate.

To passersby, it looks like a group of people shaking their heads and flailing their arms to no music.

“I think you can go anywhere on a Friday and Saturday night and go to a dance party, but you can’t go to one like this,” said Heather Markowitz, founder of With Love DC, which hosts free pop-up yoga classes throughout the city.  “It looks goofy, because we’ll have however many people dancing around in Dupont Circle silently, and that’s kind of funny. The idea is to make people smile.”

Markowitz, a preschool teacher by day, created a Facebook event for the party, and it has already amassed more than 6,000 RSVPs. She knows most of these people won’t show up but said it shows just how much interest there is in a public silent disco.

Markowitz doesn’t have a playlist for the disco yet but has assembled a committee to pick out the songs. She said they’ll be danceable tunes that appeal to a wide audience. Attendees will get the playlist ahead of time and can download the songs before they arrive. There might also be a streaming option. Everyone must bring their own headphones.

In 2013, a Metro bus transformed into a silent disco venue. Silence of the Jams throws silent disco parties throughout the region for a cost.

The Dupont Circle event is scheduled for 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 6.