Discovery Channel’s much-hyped Shark Week kicks off Sunday and if you’re passing through Silver Spring this week, you already have a preview of what’s to come.

Discovery’s corporate office in downtown Silver Spring on Tuesday installed an eight-story mural for Shark Week featuring a shark’s head with grimacing teeth above the “Jawsome” tagline. The mural will remain for two weeks.

This is the first Shark Week in which the building has decorated its headquarters with a mural. For four years, ending in 2013, the building was outfitted with a shark named “Chompie,” whose fins and head protruded from all sides of the building.

This year, a team at Discovery designed three murals on computers and had the public vote on which they wanted to see on the building to celebrate Shark Week. Discovery spokeswoman Tammy Shea said thousands of people voted and about two-thirds of participants selected “Jawsome” as the winner. The mural is made on colored vinyl and installed from inside the building.

“Chompie is off in the deep waters somewhere,” Shea said. “This year we reached out to the community with a couple options to adorn the building, and this was the overwhelming choice by our fellow neighbors in the community.”