Last month, a Mount Pleasant resident protested a Subway opening in his neighborhood by projecting giant poop emoji with the hashtag #jaredlies on the side of the establishment’s building.

Now, some of the the folksy residents of the District’s 14th Street neighborhood are trying to block a 7-Eleven from opening shop in the 2300 block of 14th Street NW.

Nearly 200 residents have signed a petition calling on the chain store — which also has boosted its food offerings — to stay away. Neighborhood Web site Borderstan first reported on the petition.

We are a community, we are a neighborhood, we are families and friends. We care about how our neighbors treat each other, how the streetscape is maintained and we care to improve our surroundings.
We are happily satisfied with the neighborhood retail services today such as: Streets, Smucker Farms, Yes Organic, CVS and TraderJoes, yet we are very concerned about 7/11 entering our neighborhood. We believe that 7/11 will diminish and detract from our neighborhood, nor do we see it adding any value to our lives. We feel that, at best, 7/11 will just cannibalize existing businesses, assuming anyone was to patronize the establishment. Therefore, this location is not only unsatisfactory to the neighbors, but it is also a bad investment for 7/11. A bad investment for 7/11 is also a bad bet for the landlord jeopardizing their investment too. No one wins in this scenario.
If you care about the future of our neighborhood and don’t want to see a 7/11, or worse, a failed 7/11 take up a prominent corner, then please object by endorsing this petition.

Ezra Weinblatt, a 36-year-old commercial real estate broker who lives in the apartment building above the would-be 7-Eleven, said with CVS, Trader Joe’s and all the other shops in the area, there is no need for this new convenience store. He learned of the new 7-Eleven when his building association notified residents of the plans.

“We’re interested in maintaining a unique character in the neighborhood … 7-Eleven has no soul, there’s nothing interesting about it,” Weinblatt said. “We don’t want to walk through this monotonous maze of corporate America.”

A spokeswoman at the Dallas-based 7-Eleven’s corporate offices confirmed that a store is slated to open in that location late September.

There is currently a 7-Eleven at the intersection of 14th Street and Rhode Island NW. There are 19 7-Elevens within a 3½-mile radius of the possible new location, according to 7-11’s online store locator.

But no matter which side of this 7-Eleven debate you stand on, everyone can celebrate 7-Eleven Day on Saturday with a free Slurpee.