There has been a well-documented uptick in crime in D.C. and big cities throughout the country this summer. An increase in crime during the summer months isn’t unusual, but in D.C. at least, crime involving guns is up more than normal.

District, Measured — the blog from the District’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer — looked through the data to see how this summer stacks up against other recent summers and where exactly this crime spike is occurring. In June and July this year, there were 428 crimes involving guns. (That accounts for a good chunk of the 1,183 gun-involved crimes that have occurred in the city since January.) By comparison, in June and July 2014, there were 333 crimes involving guns in D.C.

Take a look at the map and chart below to see where these crimes are occurring. As District, Measured notes, the crime increase is not occurring evenly throughout the city, but rather is concentrated in certain neighborhoods. The police department divides the city into 39 neighborhood clusters when reporting crime data. Of those 39 clusters, 22 had an increase in crimes committed with guns this year.

Areas such as NoMa near Union Station, Stanton Park, Capitol Hill, Petworth, Brightwood Park and Crestwood were among the neighborhoods that registered the biggest spike in crime. The biggest decrease in crime occurred in neighborhoods on the eastern corner of the city, although some of these neighborhoods still had among the highest crime rates in the city.