At least one Maryland farm thinks Taylor Swift’s marketability can extend to corn mazes.

Summers Farm in Frederick, Md., has modeled its 12-acre corn maze in the shape of the pop star singing into a microphone. The words “Dare To Be Different” are carved above Swift’s face, and the farm created a dramatic video showing an aerial view of the maze set to Swift giving an inspirational speech that went viral from her “1989” tour, MTV noted.

“Taylor Swift emanates a fun and positive image for today’s young people,” Teresa Greenwood, one of the farm’s owners, said in a statement. “Swift’s generosity toward charitable causes is one thing, but perhaps more importantly, she dares to be different, embracing the power to be all that she can be … and encouraging her fans to do so as well.”

There will be “Taylor-made” clues throughout the maze to help people navigate the cornstalks. According to Summer Farm, the maze is divided into phases and is suitable for all ages. There is a smaller maze for young children and a “super challenging larger maze” for older participants.

In the past, the farm has carved its maze into a tribute to Washington’s football team.

The maze and other fall-related activities on the farm open Sept. 26 and run daily through Nov. 1. There will also be a hayride, pumpkin patch, farmer golf, animals on site.

Admittance to the farm and the corn maze is $11.95 on weekends and $7.95 during the week.