A local animal rescue group said it helped save more than two dozen dogs from a meat farm in South Korea.

Just days ago these 26 dogs were living in barren cages, awaiting slaughter on a South Korean dog meat farm. Now safely…

Posted by Humane Society International on Monday, December 14, 2015

Twenty-six dogs were taken from “barren cages, awaiting slaughter on a South Korean dog meat farm,” according to the Facebook page of Humane Society International. That group worked with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria and the Washington Animal Rescue League to bring the dogs to the United States.

The groups are now looking to have people adopt the rescue dogs. In photos of the dogs in the South Korean facility, some where shown chained up. Others were found in cages with little food and water.

The animal rescue team said it spent days microchipping the dogs and preparing to bring them to the United States.

Since they arrived in the United States, the dogs have been playful with staff and volunteers and are getting used to new areas, other pictures from the group showed.