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From beard oil to Marion Barry tributes, five homegrown D.C. gift ideas

It’s the eleventh hour. Christmas is Friday.  Your gift will likely arrive late anyway, so you need to make sure it’s an extra good belated one.

Here are a few gift ideas for that friend or family member who loves D.C., but keeps putting off getting that D.C. flag tattoo for another year.

1) Marion Barry print

Why not give the gift of a print of Mayor-For-Life Marion Barry’s iconic words when the FBI busted him smoking crack at a hotel in D.C? It’s got a bit of edge, while showing your commitment to civics and D.C. history.

You can honor the late Barry by purchasing this $15 print at Craftgasm, a local D.C. crafts business that sells stationery, prints and more. Buy it on Etsy, or at artist Melissa Esposito’s brick-and-mortar store, Analog, in Brookland.

2) D.C. beard oil

In 2015, D.C.’s legion of bearded men seemed to have multiplied. This could be the best year yet to gift some locally sourced beard oil and mustache wax. District Devil — selling “herbal-based” products “handmade in D.C.” — has these products available for less than $20.

District Devil Beard Oil, which has an “earthy, masculine scent” and supports the beard and the skin beneath it, costs $17 for a 1-ounce bottle dropper or $11 for a half-ounce bottle. The mustache wax, which can help “train and tame your ‘stache,” can be yours for $10. Buy it online, or you can purchase it in person at Barber of Hell’s Bottom, at the corner of Ninth and Rhode Island NW in Shaw.

3) Booze

Want to get tipsy at home while still feeling like you’re supporting the local economy? Then D.C.-made alcohol is the item for you or your loved one.

There are plenty of distilleries in city bounds, including One Eight Distilling, Green Hat gin and Don Ciccio & Figli. That’s in addition to all the local beers brewed here in the District, including DC Brau Brewing Company, Atlas Brew Works and 3 Stars Brewing Company. You can pick up bottles at your local liquor store, or, for an educational outing, visit the breweries themselves.

4) Coasters

If you put your booze in a cup, then you may need a coaster to go along with it. Typecase Industries, a D.C.-based design and letterpress print shop, sells sets of D.C.-themed coasters for $5. They also sell similarly themed greetings cards. Purchase the items online here.

5) D.C. books and posters

If President Obama was able to find something to buy there, it seems a fitting enough place to purchase a thoughtful gift.

Upshur Street Books, an independent bookstore in Petworth, highlights the work of local authors past and present. You can purchase kid-friendly guides of D.C., intended for both locals and tourists, or go for one of the preeminent books on D.C. history, “Dream City,” which follows the rise and fall — and rise again — of Barry. The store at 827 Upshur Street NW also sells posters of colorful street grids of D.C. neighborhoods made by Cherry Blossom Creative and screen prints by Anthony Dihle of recognizable D.C. streets, each for $20.