Do you remember the moments that shaped our city in this eventful year?


Which of these activities became legal in the District of Columbia for the first time this year?

Growing marijuana
Selling marijuana


After a disappointing season, the Nationals are hoping for a change for the better in 2016. Who became the new manager this year?

Dusty Baker
Matt Williams
Bud Black
Jonathan Papelbon


Metro had a disastrous year, beginning with the death of a passenger in January when a Yellow Line train filled with smoke. Which of these changes did WMATA make?

Opened the Silver Line
Made weekend rides free
Started running more eight-car trains
Hired a new general manager


Our "No Taxation Without Representation" license plates might not seem so friendly to the British, but one British celebrity got behind D.C. statehood in a big way this year. Who was it?

Princess Charlotte
John Oliver
Emma Watson
Simon Cowell


All of these new things came to the District in 2015, except one. Which is it?

A trampoline park
A new baby panda
A restaurant and dessert shop with round-the-block lines
A newly reopened embassy


All but one of these phrases entered our local lexicon in 2015. Which one is not something new we focused on much more this year than in the past?

White House fence jumper
Synthetic drugs
Free-range kids


Which of these waterfront locations closed?

Fish market on the Southwest Waterfront
Buzzard Point Marina
Georgetown Waterfront Park
Hains Point on East Potomac Park


One of the saddest changes for the worse this year: The District's homicide rate spiked. How many more people have been killed in the District this year than in 2014?

More than 20
More than 30
More than 40
More than 50


The year will almost certainly go down as the Earth’s warmest on record. Which of the following didn’t set a weather record in D.C. in 2015? 

Numerous days in February smashed daily cold records.
May was the warmest on record.
Hurricane Joaquin brought record rain.
December was the warmest on record.


Who visited our city this year?

Taylor Swift
Pope Francis
Approximately 20 million tourists
All of the above

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