It is every parent’s nightmare: You send your children to school, believing they’re safe, only to discover that they may have been the victim of a predator.

That’s the nightmare parents are dealing with at Judge Sylvania W. Woods Elementary in Prince George’s County, where police say a school volunteer has admitted to creating pornographic videos with children during school hours and on school grounds.

Deonte Carraway, 22, had been volunteering at Sylvania Woods Elementary in suburban Maryland since September. He has been charged with 10 counts of felony child pornography for creating dozens of videos in which he sometimes can be heard directing children ages 9 to 13 to perform sex acts, police said. Police said they have identified more than a dozen victims so far and anticipate identifying more as the investigation continues.

Police have said that children were victimized at a number of locations, including in private homes, at the Zion Praise Tabernacle Lutheran Church in Bowie, the Glenarden Municipal Center, the Theresa Banks Memorial Aquatic Center and Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary, where Carraway volunteered.

Parents have many, many questions: How could a volunteer have been left alone and unsupervised with young students? Did other adults at the school know what was going on and fail to report it? How could no one have known? How could this be?

Officials have few answers at this point, saying they are investigating. But they held a meeting for parents at Sylvania Woods on Feb. 11 to field questions and address concerns.

The two-hour meeting drew hundreds of people, and reporter Lynh Bui’s tweets show how much anguish there was in the room.