Dogwood tree blooms contrasted with snow covered plants in Alexandria, Va. on April 9, 2016. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Montgomery County police are worried, and who can blame them?

Friday was nasty and Saturday was grim: Snow, rain, and a blustery cold wind whipping its head off. So law enforcement officials took action, issuing an APB.

They asked for help:

Concern for Missing Season:

Detectives from the Montgomery County Police Department are asking for the public’s help to locate Spring.

Spring was last seen leaving Maryland last year as Summer arrived. Spring had well-known plans to return to Maryland at this time this year but she has not yet been seen. The Montgomery County Police Department has checked with law enforcement agencies in other parts of the Country who have also not seen Spring this year.

Spring is described as the time of year between Winter and Summer. She sometimes goes by the name of Springtime or Vernal Season. She is known to bring warmer temperatures with occasional April showers to help bring May flowers.

Anyone with information about Spring’s whereabouts is asked to immediately call the Montgomery County Police Department.

The Post’s Capital Weather Gang didn’t try to shelter us from this. They posted a bunch of those scary lava-lamp-looking maps and wrote about temperatures plummeting, snow, and cold air from the polar vortex hunting us down.

They had a lot of this kind of thing: “Any ‘warming’ or sunshine will prove ‘self destructive’ as it leads to additional shower formation.”

(“Warming”? Like it’s some imaginary thing crazy people talk about? What is going on here?)

And they had a lot of this kind of thing: ” * Wind advisory for gusts to 50 mph 3-10 p.m. | Freeze warning tonight with a widespread freeze likely *”

The worst part is, they were right.

Sharp winds, cold and the dreaded “wintry mix” pushed the Nationals to cancel the ballgame scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

They’ll play it in mid-May, by which time spring — let’s hope — will have been tracked down.

Rebecca Innocenti, who works for the Montgomery County Police Department’s public information office, was contacted by an alert citizen who warned that spring might be missing.

That made her laugh, so she decided to launch the search.

Many people responded to officials’ urgent request. Several people asked if there will be a reward for the person who locates spring. (Innocenti responded: Yes there will. Warmer temperatures.)

Someone posted a photo that resembled spring … in La Jolla, California.

Someone noted it was quite nice in Mexico at the moment.

And some stepped up: “Maryland Search & Rescue is ready and waiting to respond!”