Everyone has battled with parking at least once, but few have struggled this expensively.

A woman driving a Mercedes-Benz convertible Saturday morning ran over a $300,000 red Ferrari parked behind her.

The collision occurred at Katie’s Cars & Coffee in Great Falls, Va., at a shopping center where car enthusiasts gather on Saturday mornings. A bystander captured the collision on video, which showed witnesses aghast and pointing at the incident as it unfolded.

“That’s a big, big problem,” an onlooker is heard saying on video.

In the video, the driver, with two children in the back seat, is seen just after she reversed into the Ferrari, her back tire on top of the car. She appears to unsuccessfully try to drive off the car, causing further damage.

The Ferrari’s car alarm is ringing throughout the incident. When the driver gets out of the car and realizes the extent of what occurred, she appears shaken and says, “Oh, my God.”

A man approaches then appears on the video, saying, “Are you serious? That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Fairfax County police say they were dispatched to the scene in the 9900 block of Georgetown Pike about 8 a.m. Saturday. No police report was filed and officers were on the scene for about 30 minutes, helping the two car owners exchange insurance information. Tawny Wright, a spokeswoman for the police department, said there was no further incident between the parties involved. 

“I know it would have looked different if it was a Honda and a Honda,” Wright said. “There was nothing unusual for us.”

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