(Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

While Airbnb is stuck in legal limbo in Virginia and Maryland, the online hosting platform has been generating big tax dollars in the nation’s capital, according to the company.

Airbnb says it has collected more than $10 million in transient taxes in D.C. since Feb. 15, 2015. The D.C. hospitality tax is 14.5 percent.

The company has been hoping to gain legal recognition — and in turn, start collecting taxes — in cities and states throughout the country, but has only successfully lobbied its case in a handful of jurisdictions. It says it has collected more than $110 million in tax revenue for municipalities around the world.

In Virginia, lawmakers have tabled a bill on the matter until the next legislative session.

In May, the company gained recognition in Maryland’s Montgomery County. Christopher Nulty, who works in public affairs for Airbnb, said the company released the tax revenue to show how much the hospitality share industry is bringing to D.C. coffers in hopes that other jurisdictions will follow suit. Hotel lobbies are fighting to keep Airbnb unrecognized.

“We’re hopeful that legislators and lawmakers in Virginia and Maryland will give us the ability to do so in both those states as well,” Nulty said. “We know that when there are clear rules around home-sharing that people are more likely to open up their space.”

The company released the most popular D.C. Airbnb neighborhoods since February 2015 and found that Capitol Hill is tops, followed by Columbia Heights. Here’s a look at how many people have used Airbnb in each neighborhood. (Note: Groups of four people, for instance, are counted as four individual people in these calculations.)

  1. Capitol Hill: 36,169 guests
  2. Columbia Heights: 18,834 guests
  3. Dupont Circle: 15,613 guests
  4. Petworth: 9,037 guests
  5. Bloomingdale: 8,212 guests
  6. Woodley Park: 2,551 guests
  7. Anacostia: 2,488 guests
  8. Eastland Gardens: 1,368 guests

The company also released the average Airbnb cost each night by ward. The averages run from $134 in Ward 2 to about $49 in Ward 8.

  • Ward 1: $87.40
  • Ward 2: $134.10
  • Ward 3: $80.40
  • Ward 4: $50.30
  • Ward 5: $75.20
  • Ward 6: $107.10
  • Ward 7: $65
  • Ward 8: $48.90