A “whodunnit?” unfolded online Friday morning as people wondered what was going on with those, uh, portable toilets set up around the U.S. Capitol for the upcoming inauguration.

D.C. commuters spotted workers covering up the “Don’s Johns” logo on the green portable toilets on the National Mall. Some photos showed only the “Don’s” being hidden from the logo. People threw out all sorts of creative and not-so-creative theories as to why the President-elect would want to cover up the logo, but a spokesperson for the Presidential Inaugural Committee said its workers and sub contractors had nothing to do with the shrouding of the logo.

Then the National Park service said they didn’t know who the workers were either.

The answer ended up being more bureaucratic than any indecent theory. The Architect of the Capitol is taking responsibility, and says the government did it to bring the toilets into compliance with the Capitol’s restrictions on advertising.

“The AOC is in the process of covering or removing signage on the portable toilets to bring them into compliance with Capitol Grounds restrictions on advertising,” said Justin Kieffer, spokesman for the Architect of the Capitol.

Conrad Harrell, the president of Don’s Johns, a Virginia-based supplier of portable toilets, said he didn’t know the logos would be hidden, or who was doing it, and he hoped the coverings would be removed. Don’s Johns has supplied toilets bearing logos for previous inaugurations.

Conrad said Don’s Johns is providing about 2,500 portable toilets in D.C. for the upcoming inauguration weekend, and the orders are still coming in.