About 450 buses have been registered for city parking permits for Inauguration Day, and about four times as many have been registered for parking the next day, the day of the Women’s March on Washington, according to city officials.

Terry Owens, a spokesman for the District’s Department of Transportation, stressed that the numbers are fluid and could change.

Owens said that about 1,800 buses are registered for parking on Saturday, compared with Friday’s approximately 450. Not all of the buses are necessarily in the nation’s capital to attend the inauguration or the Women’s March.

RFK Stadium is the main city-run parking option for charter buses over the weekend. Bus drivers can find their own parking outside RFK, so the numbers do not reflect all of the buses — or people — that will be headed to the District.

The District’s Department of Transportation is running the parking and permitting process at RFK and said there are other parking sites at Union Station and Navy Yard. The capacity at RFK is about 1,200 buses.

At President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, which saw record-breaking attendance numbers, more than 3,000 charter buses were registered for parking permits in the city.