Watch out, world: It looks like a local municipality got a seat at the cool kids’ table. According to travel company Expedia, Arlington is not No. 1, not No. 2, but No. 3 on a list of “21 super-cool U.S. cities.”

“When it comes to cool, we already know that the major cities have it on lock,” the company wrote in a news release. “NYC, LA, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco — we recognize your cool cred. America’s small and midsize cities are stepping up, giving the big metropolises a run for their trend-setting money.”

Expedia scored candidates on a 28-point scale — the more points, the cooler. Among other criteria, cities got one point for having Lyft, two points if 30 percent of the population was between 20 and 34, and four points for having more than five museums.

Arlington, with 26 points, was deemed bronze-worthy, bested only by Austin and Madison, Wis. Expedia praised the Arlington Farmers Market, the Signature Theatre and the “killer charcuterie at Lyon Hall.”

“The right equation of neighborhood chill and city energy can be found in Arlington,” it concluded.