A Silver Spring man won a state lottery game twice at the same convenience store — a rare occurrence, lottery officials said.

Jorge Matamoras, a 39-year-old who works in construction, won $5,000 in March on a scratch-off game called “20X The Cash.” Then a few weeks later, he won again only more.

The second time, he won $50,000 in the same game.

Both times, officials said, he bought his winning tickets at the 29 Convenience Mart in Silver Spring.

Matamoras described winning twice as being in a dream.

“I certainly didn’t think there would be any more big winners at this store so it totally took me by surprise,” he said to lottery officials when he collected his prize money and posed in a picture with an oversized check.

Matamoras said he plans to use his winnings to pay down some bills and possibly start his own real estate business to refurbish and sell houses.

Of winning twice from the same store, Maryland lottery spokeswoman Carole Gentry said, “It’s not out of the realm but it doesn’t happen that often.”

Gentry said lottery players are often superstitious and “creatures of habit” so they’ll buy lottery tickets at the same store. Another thing that drives people to return to the same store for their lottery ticket purchases is when stores promote that they’ve sold a winning ticket. That often spurs buyers to come back, hoping they, too, can win.

But lottery officials said the drawings and winnings are “totally random” and there is no guarantee that just because a store sold a winning ticket once or even twice that it will happen repeatedly, according to Gentry.

It is really just “lottery luck,” as officials call it.