An Arlington woman woke up a few days ago and found this raccoon in her tub. She called animal control and it was safely removed and let go. (Courtesy of Animal Welfare League of Arlington)

Maybe the raccoon needed a bath.

An Arlington woman found a raccoon in a bathtub at her home along S. Kemper Road.

Officials with the Animal Welfare League of Arlington said the incident happened a few days ago, according to its Facebook page.

The league said, “this isn’t what most people expect to find in their bathtub in the morning!” The woman “woke up and found this scared little guy in her tub.”

How the raccoon got in is not exactly known. But animal welfare league officials said there repairs underway in the home’s attic and that’s “likely how he got in.”

Officials said, “luckily, she knew just what to do” — the homeowner called the local animal control agency. Animal welfare officials said experts safely removed the raccoon from the home and “released him outside where he happily scampered off!”

On social media, some people called the raccoon a “trash panda.” Other commenters called him scared and cute.

And in Loudoun County, the sheriff’s office reminded folks —