Giant panda MeiXiang and red panda Asa enjoyed a romp in the snow Saturday at the National Zoo in Northwest Washington.

In a roughly 30-second video from the zoo, MeiXiang rolls down a slight hill in her enclosure several times.

Giant pandas are native to a cold climate in the mountains of western China, zoo experts said, and are more active in winter.

Red panda Asa also frolicked in Saturday’s snow.

The zoo said it allows animals that can  handle the snowy, cold weather to go outside, including the cheetahs, lions and tigers.

Others, such as the ring-tailed lemurs that are native to the tropical forests of Madagascar and “not equipped to handle the cold winter weather,” are brought inside for the winter, zoo experts said in a statement.

Coldblooded animals like the Komodo dragons, which can’t regulate their body temperature, are also kept inside.

And for those like the Asian small-clawed otters that need to warm up, there are some heated rocks in their enclosures.