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A red-tailed hawk has landed atop the Washington National Cathedral

A red-tailed hawk has made its home atop the Central Tower at the Washington National Cathedral in Northwest Washington. (Courtesy of Washington National Cathedral)

A red-tailed  hawk  has made itself a new home — atop the central tower at the Washington National Cathedral on Wisconsin Avenue in Northwest Washington, officials said.

It’s got stunning views of the District. But there’s one problem. The hawk needs a name.

Already, some social media followers have suggestions. Among them are Hubert, patron of saints. Spire, Freedom or Deficit.

The bird isn’t the only one to have recently taken up residence in the District.

Two snowy owls moved last week into the courtyards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture building near the Mall.

Two snowy owls have taken up residence near the Mall

Snowy owls have shown up unexpectedly in past years in the D.C. region, an area the species does not normally inhabit.

Native to Arctic areas in parts of Alaska and Northern Canada, snowy owls have been showing up — at times — as far south as North Carolina and Texas.

Some watchers of the snowy owls at D.C.’s Mall have nicknamed them Thelma and Louise.