Wildlife experts are warning those out in Maryland waters this summer to be on the lookout for mitten crabs, a fuzzy-looking creature that is not native to the area.

The Chinese mitten crab is most notably recognized by its furry claws, experts said.

The crabs have “furry white-tipped claws,” according to experts.  Their bodies are generally three to four inches wide, and they have olive-green or light-brown coloring. The crabs can be found in salt and fresh water.

In a Facebook post, the Department of Public Works for Anne Arundel County posted details about the animals, warning that the Chinese mitten crab is an invasive species.

Authorities with the public works department said people who find mitten crabs should freeze them or put them in rubbing alcohol and turn them in to local authorities, and they advised that people should keep track of where the mitten crabs were collected.

Chinese mitten crabs are an invasive species that officials worry may show up in Maryland waters. (Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works)