A sign in Calvert County, Md. (Courtesy of Bob Somerville)

A sign in Calvert County, Md., that says “liberal pigs” are more worried about “illegal immigrant children” than unborn children has taken the place of a controversial pro-Trump sign taken down earlier this year.

The first sign, posted near the intersection of Solomons Island Road and Bowie Shop Road in Huntingtown about 35 miles southeast of Washington, was widely shared on social media in May before it was taken down voluntarily by its owner after the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office received complaints.

“Hey liberals better get your guns if you try to impeach President Trump,” the sign read. “From all of your deplorables in Calvert County.”

At the time, Capt. Dave Payne of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office said the sign’s owner, whom he did not identify, often posts controversial messages, and the community was “50-50 on the complaint.”

“No one seems to feel that it is an illegal sign,” he said. “It’s definitely controversial. And so as far as us doing anything legally, there’s not a whole lot for us to do at this point.” He added: “Life’s definitely easier if the controversial sign is not up.”

On Thursday, Bob Somerville, a senior editor at AARP Foundation who lives in Calvert County, sent pictures of a new sign to The Washington Post.

“Hey liberals we’re back!!!” the sign read. “Hope you enjoyed your 30 day break. You are more worried about illegal immigrant children . . . but you fund Planned Parenthood to separate unborn children from their parents . . . no pity for them. Bunch of liberal pigs . . . from all your deplorables in Calvert County.”

Acting captain Tim Friedman of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the sign was there.

“I spoke to the sheriff and there’s nothing threatening,” Friedman said. “It does not rise to a law enforcement concern.”

Sheriff Mike Evans (R), who is running for reelection, said he knows the man who rents out space on the sign but wouldn’t release his name. He said the man gave him space on the sign as an in-kind contribution during the Republican primary, which he won earlier this month, and he ran a campaign ad on the sign.

“I believe in freedom of speech,” he said. “The last message I thought was a little much. This is freedom of speech. That’s nothing criminal. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Somerville said the signs made him angry and sad.

“It conflates immigrant children with the abortion issue,” he said. “It’s completely ridiculous. These angry so-called pro-lifers don’t care about a child after the moment of birth.”

Spotted in Maryland. Lock them up.

Posted by Lock him up on Saturday, May 5, 2018