Posted by James Hooper on Friday, July 20, 2018

A two-foot python was wrangled by a resident of Virginia Beach after it slithered around in his toilet Thursday night, officials said.

James Hooper initially thought one of his housemates was playing a joke on him when he found the animal.

“The snake was moving around, its tongue doing a slithering thing,” he said. “We realized it was real.”

Though he was inclined to just grab it, he reconsidered because one of his roommates feared that it was a poisonous copperhead. He snapped a photo of the snake in his bathroom before using a fishing pole strung with a noose to remove it.

Posted by James Hooper on Friday, July 20, 2018

Hooper said he thought the snake traveled through the sewer system, but Rebecca Franklin, Virginia Beach’s animal control supervisor, said that was unlikely. Questions remained: She wasn’t sure how the animal ended up in Hooper’s toilet.

The female snake had traveled miles from the home from which it had escaped and was probably resting in the water, Franklin said. She identified it as a pastel piebald python.

After Hooper’s photos were shared on social media, the owner reclaimed the animal, which isn’t venomous.

“They get bigger than what size she is,” Franklin said.