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What questions do you have about D.C. or the region?
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The Post wants to hear your questions from across the region — whether you live in Petworth, Reston or Gaithersburg.

Have a question that’s always been on your mind? Here’s how it works:

Matt McClain/The Washington Post

Send us your question about the D.C. region.
What are you curious about in the District or around the Beltway? The more specific the question, the better. It could be about the National Zoo, a specific Metro bus line or a local school system.

Vote on questions you want answered.
Don’t have an idea top of mind? Take a look at a few of the ones we’re already looking into. We’ll post a poll once questions start coming in.

We’ll email you if we start reporting on your question.
A reporter in the newsroom might ask a few follow-up questions about the topic you’re interested in.

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– Perspective | The District’s alleys were once grim slums. A few were reborn as hip destinations.

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