Some African countries have updated colonial legal codes. Others haven't.

  • Maya Berinzon, Ryan Briggs
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  • Africa
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  • 3 hours ago
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Prediction: He'll talk about unity today, but he'll govern like a partisan.

The ICC has 124 members, but why do countries see a backlash against the court?

But which promises are his supporters counting on?

What looking at successful past peace agreements can show.

  • Norrin M. Ripsman
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  • Israel
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  • 20 hours ago
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Is sexual orientation irrelevant to one's service as a citizen? The answer has changed since the “Lavender Scare."

The Women's March on Washington will show us what to expect for the next four years.

Right now: a 65 percent chance of repealing the individual mandate.

On this, at least, partisanship doesn't matter.

Block grants usually result in less funding and atrophied programs.

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