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Introducing The Monkey Cage

Baby spider monkey! (William West / AFP/Getty Images)

After almost six years as an independent blog, today is our first day at the Washington Post. For new readers, here’s a bit about who we are and what we do.

We are a group of political scientists from universities around the country. We study all manner of domestic and international politics. You can read more about our contributors here.

Since November 2007, we have been blogging about the intersection of political science and real politics — talking about interesting new research, using that research to comment on current events, and occasionally indulging in unrelated frivolity. We hope that we can explain at least a little of the democratic circus referenced in the H.L. Mencken quote that gave this blog its name. For our past work, we were named the 2010 Blog of the Year by The Week and a 2012 Best Blog by Time.

We’ll be continuing this same mission here at the Post, and are grateful to have the opportunity. You can follow us on RSS, Twitter, and Facebook as well.