— Karthick Ramakrishnan and Pratheepan Gulasekaram in the Los Angeles Times on the president’s authority to unilaterally ban deportations:

[…] such an executive order provides an intriguing “nuclear option” for the president. He could potentially employ such action to address gaps in any congressional legislation on immigration reform, or he could merely threaten its use to pressure Congress to pass a bill that includes a pathway to citizenship.

— Sarah Kreps in Foreign Affairs on drones:

The policy and the technology should not be confused, nor can they be separated, because drones circumvent the domestic, operational, and diplomatic constraints that are imposed on their manned counterparts and, therefore, make otherwise unviable policies viable.

— Erica Chenoweth on the nonviolent uprisings in Thailand and the Ukraine:

But here are three reasons why I think the mass uprisings underway in both places are “the real deal” as nonviolent mass campaigns go.
What I think is interesting, however, is the growing convergence between mass attitudes and elite attitudes about American foreign policy.