Faithful readers of the Monkey Cage know exactly where this post is headed: Straight down the corridors of The Washington Post to the 2015 Peeps Contest! In 2013, the Binder-Maltzman (mom-daughter) team brought you the “Peepal Conclave,” in which 117 Peepabili gathered to select the next Peep-Pope in a Peep-themed replica of the Sistine Chapel.  (We did not win.)  In 2014, we journeyed up I-95 to create the Peep Authority’s George Washington Bridge toll plaza, where we devised “Time for Some Traffic Problems in Fort Peep.”   (We did not win.)

This year, 225 Peeps (give or take a few bunnies) of all colors, shapes and sizes have hopped onto the cobblestone streets of Paris in support of democratic freedoms.  Even France’s lady of liberty is there, leading the peeple in her blue and black dress. (Or is it white and gold?)

Admittedly, this is not our punniest entry.  But we hope you will appreciate the Peep-morphed protest signs and banners (all credit to my 13-year-old project-mate).  The Peeps both signal their support for democratic freedoms and demonstrate the resilience of the French Peeple, as they gather in solidarity in the public space.