The rise of Donald Trump, culminating in his speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday night, has flummoxed many political observers. I certainly didn’t predict it. But even if Trump’s nomination was hard to predict, that doesn’t mean it’s hard to explain.

Over the past months, we’ve had many pieces here at The Monkey Cage using the tools and ideas of social and political science to understand Trump. We’ve now compiled 35 of those pieces — revised and updated — into a new book: “The Science of Trump.”

These pieces delve into the beliefs of Trump’s supporters, how the news media has covered him, Trump’s place in the broader Republican Party and his positions on key issues. All of this is priced at an affordable $4.99.

Of course, there is a lot of campaign still to go and plenty of unanswered questions. But we think this book is a great start at addressing some important questions. We’d be grateful if you’d take a look! You’ll find the book’s Amazon page here.