• Analysis

Here's what we can learn from Colombia's experience.

  • Analysis

Here's a rundown on Sunday's runoff election, and the M-19's road to mainstream politics.

  • Analysis

When rebel parties participate in the election process, it's a promising step

  • Analysis

For many in the FARC, returning “home” is not an option. Here's what that means.

A positive spin, not negative messaging, appealed to voters in our survey.

Economic woes, land issues have long created fertile soil for rebellion in rural areas.

There's been recoil from the accord's breakthrough attention to women's and LGBT needs.

What is “transitional justice," anyway? The debate is fierce.

Are the official results nullifying thousands of votes?

On Sunday, Colombians narrowly defeated a peace agreement that would have ended more than 50 years of war between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The outcome was largely unexpected, both at home and abroad. Pollsters predicted that supporters of the deal would win. Many public figures supported peace. But one prominent voice opposed […]

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