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The Washington Post

It wasn't supposed to be this easy for Hillary Clinton.

Recent polls suggest that he could lose female voters to Hillary Clinton by at least 25 percentage points in November.

Just as in baseball, scholars are trying to measure presidential attributes using the statistical art known as "sabermetrics."

The president who just replaced the late Michael Sata following a special election in January collapsed on Sunday and will seek medical care abroad.

The Republican letter to Iran highlights the long history of executive agreements -- and their grounding in domestic politics.

Presidential rankings tell us as much about ourselves as about the presidents.

Research on presidential gaffes suggest a president tripping and falling shouldn’t have much impact, but this is Zimbabwe, not the U.S.

Maybe because almost no one of consequence in the Democratic Party is talking seriously about his presidential prospects.

How far does the AUMF extend? That's not the president's call, alone.

Congress to president: Do our job. President to Congress: Sure thing!

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