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Test yourself against the Pew survey.

For Iran, the nuclear program must be understood not just as a security issue but also as a prestigious and scientific enterprise.

  • Alexander H. Montgomery
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  • Iran
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  • Apr 6, 2015
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Will preaccepting scholarly articles make the results published in political science journals more trustworthy? A conversation.

Credulous reports of a supposed Mars mission illustrates systematic bias in science and technology reporting.

A silly study comparing state-level alcohol consumption illustrates the difficulty of distinguishing between trolls and kooks.

Despite the claims of Paul Krugman and others, a recent poll finding does not provide strong evidence of changes in partisan attitudes toward evolution

People feel they have coherent attitudes, even though correlations are low when you consider specific survey responses.

The inherent political difficulties in enacting climate change legislation, and why grandchildren may be part of the solution.

A group of researchers crunch the numbers and recommend that we abandon the current system of scholarly publication and start over.