A truck driver admitted he was distracted by the game when he crashed into two pedestrians, authorities said.

"If children have figured out that including ice in a cold beverage decreases the amount of liquid they will receive," the judge said, "the Court has no difficulty concluding that a reasonable consumer" would not be deceived either.

He celebrated his 50th birthday in January.

Artist Peter Doig wins a battle with the painting's owner.

Was David Laut an Olympic hero or a wife-beater? That was the debate during his wife's murder trial.

"Southside With You" portrays a romantic and fateful day.

Doctors had a short window of time to save Sebastian's life, aided by a dose of what ER physician Dennis Hernandez said was "divine intervention."

It's a tale as old as Tuesday: Boy meets girl, climbs to roof, jumps and misses.

By the time they figured out that his musical hobby was the problem, he was dead.

Authorities will tear down a public housing complex built near old lead factories, forcing 1,000 residents to relocate.

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