Democratic leaders reacted with fury to a report from BuzzFeed News that President Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie under oath about his business interests in Russia during the campaign.

Ironically, the memo that Democrats seized on to paint William P. Barr is too closely aligned with the White House could end up creating distance between him and Trump, following explosive BuzzFeed's revelations about the president's possible encouragement of perjury.

The three-judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit found the lower used the incorrect standard of review, vacating the 2017 preliminary injunction that had blocked Texas from defunding Planned Parenthood, and remanding the case back to the district court for further review.

“I can’t believe that ‘please don’t grab the 18 foot long wild predator’ is something that needs to be explicitly said out loud, but here we are,” one marine biologist said.

"We’d certainly talk about it," Dorsey told HuffPost.

India's "guru of bling" has already been convicted of rape. Now the courts say he's guilty of murder.

“This was a heavy-handed and unnecessary act by someone claiming to be committed to justice and uplifting Black people," Clarissa Brooks wrote Wednesday after being threatened with legal action.

Giuliani said Thursday that his comments to CNN's Chris Cuomo “have been misinterpreted” and sought to clarify them.

A recent murder trial in England centered on the killing of a notorious crime figure from Manchester.

Sherrilyn Kenyon, the best-selling author of the Dark-Hunter series, is suing her husband for up to $20 million, claiming assault by poisoning and intentional interference with business relationships, among other causes of action.

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