Pope Francis named Junipero Serra a saint in 2015 over the loud protests of Native Americans. The protests spilled onto the Stanford University campus.

Maezawa plans to take artists on the SpaceX voyage with him as part of a global art project called Dear Moon.

Rubio took things a step further by sharing the Miami restaurant's phone number, for which he drew criticism.

The issue of delayed reporting — and the legal complexities attached to it — could lie at the heart of the examination of an assault allegation leveled against Brett M. Kavanaugh.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out a photo of Anderson Cooper standing in waist-deep water during a hurricane suggesting that the CNN anchor had overdramatized the storm to improve the network's ratings.

"More than 200 of her colleagues, students and mentors signed this letter in less six hours," two letter organizers told The Washington Post Monday night.

Arnold has publicly lambasted Burnett for allegedly “protecting” Trump over a rumored n-word tape.

The nominating contest is no longer just a fight over the rules governing the judiciary but a referendum on the #MeToo movement and the lessons of the bitter dispute over Clarence Thomas.

Previn sat for an interview and discussed her relationship with her husband, Woody Allen, and her mother, Mia Farrow. The piece was guaranteed to be controversial, and it delivered.

Tony Alsup has been rescuing shelter pets from floodwaters since Hurricane Harvey.

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