After being quietly removed from the priesthood for abusing children, Jaime Lara made a name for himself as a scholar.

The Instagram post also doubled as an apology for comments Douglas made last week appearing to victim shame other women.

The Trump administration has a credibility problem in the courtroom.

The coining of the term “sexual harassment” was a critical moment in feminist history.

"It’s a tragic end to his public career," said an editorial in Conyers' hometown paper.

He was off duty, shopping with his wife, when the armed men announced a robbery.

"No bus, get out of the way,” a cameraman shouted in an exasperated tone. “Bus!"

"Think about what you would like to be remembered for at the end of your life,” Charlie Rose once said. “It is character. It is integrity."

Judge Sam Benningfield promised 30-day sentence credits to inmates who received vasectomies or birth control implants.

The blog post was written partially “in light of recent news stories about sexual harassment."

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