“I’ve been looking at pictures of that girl 100 times a day. It was no mistake that it was her,” one searcher said.

Bobby Joe Long confessed to killing 10 women in Tampa in 1984. But he spared Lisa McVey Noland — leading to his capture.

Accusations of racism at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts have prompted a larger conversation about how elite cultural institutions can be uncomfortable spaces for people of color.

The results do not contest the incendiary nature of Trump's rhetoric and actions. But they indicate that many Americans have moved in the reverse direction.

According to the proposed settlement, which has not been finalized, $30 million would go to alleged victims of the disgraced Hollywood producer, former Weinstein Company employees and creditors, and their lawyers. The remaining amount would be used toward legal fees.

About two dozen people were hurt in Missouri’s capital; three people were killed across the state, in Golden City.

Seth Meyers said Trump’s Wednesday news conference “predictably went off the rails,” and his fellow late-night hosts appeared to agree.

More than 50 years after the slave trade was outlawed, the Clotilda brought 110 Africans on the final harrowing journey through the Middle Passage to America. For generations, their descendants would search for the ship that carried them.

Washington state officials described Vernon Gray’s case as a “tragic situation” and admitted that social workers had “dropped the ball here.”

President Trump and his associates have defended the commemoration of a different set of historical figures.

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