Hours after a woman stumbled upon the boy, police made another shocking find: a burned-out car with what appeared to be human remains inside.

He also allegedly interacted with Robert Bowers, the accused mass shooter at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

A cure for the common cold has been frustratingly elusive to scientists. Researchers in California may have cracked the case.

The president cited “tremendous pollution” entering the ocean through storm sewers, specifically expressing a concern about used needles.

"Why can women do it but men can’t?" one barista asked KIRO 7.

"This can’t go on. Your friends are dying while you stand there and video it," a Nassau County, N.Y. detective said.

“I’m thinking, ‘Only way I’m going to get rescued is self rescue,’” Neil Parker said. “I knew where I was located there was no way they were going to be able to find me.”

Prosecutors say Ed Buck was injecting men with large amounts of narcotics as part of a sexual fetish, allegedly preying on men "made vulnerable by addiction and homelessness."

Atlanta-born fashion label Bstroy debuted the controversial sweatshirts at a fashion show in New York.

Todd Mullis allegedly searched for “killing unfaithful women” and “what happened to cheating spouses in historic Aztec tribes” before reporting that his wife had been in a farm accident.

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