Jason Adams started carrying a gun after receiving threatening messages from Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists. In April, he accidentally took the gun into the school, his attorney said.

In response, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson tweeted that he had seen Baldwin's remarks and wanted to sit down with him.

The delivery man looked at his assailants "like Hulk Hogan, and from that the guys knew that we better get out of here," a police spokesman said.

Twenty-five years ago, Gregory Green stabbed his pregnant wife to death, called the police and turned himself in. On Wednesday, he called the police and turned himself in after another tragedy.

Biologists and fishermen have tried and failed to decimate the predatory, dangerous creature. Could a killer robot be the final fix?

YouTube's mass flagging idea gets flagged.

A man and a woman from Cincinnati are charged with selling heroin laced with carfentanil, an animal tranquilizer 10,000 times more powerful than the drug itself.

The accolades are given for studies and findings that "make people laugh, and then think."

Brad Pitt has been moved next to Morgan Freeman. Angelina Jolie, who filed for divorce this week, now stands beside Nicole Kidman. And in the middle is Robert Pattinson.

First local officials said a protester was dead, then they said he was seriously injured. Protesters blame the police. The police blame a "civilian."

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