Rep. Paul Gosar's tweets during Wednesday's impeachment hearings peddled an alternative explanation for the death of multimillionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

A conflict between Survivor contestants over inappropriate touching came to a head when two women exaggerated their discomfort to put a target on one man's back.

“There will be no chance for full recovery for that child,” Philadelphia police said of the 11-month-old boy, who is still fighting for his life. “If the child survives, he will most likely be a quadriplegic.”

National Park Service officials believe the cows swam four miles after being swept out to sea in powerful storm surge.

As it turns out, people love meddlesome cats who refuse to apologize for their devious ways.

Student funds were used to pay Trump Jr. and Trump campaign adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle, his girlfriend, for the Oct. 10 speaking engagement, which some student senators argue is a misuse of funds.

Other Democratic leaders, including at least two 2020 presidential candidates, also denounced Stephen Miller on Tuesday, demanding that he step down from his White House role or be fired.

Three judges drunkenly sparked a fight in a White Castle parking lot that ended in gunfire. The Indiana Supreme Court temporarily suspended them without pay.

Dozens of professional journalists balked at a Daily Northwestern editorial that apologized for the way student reporters covered a campus protest.

The pink Hermès Kelly clutch was worth $30,000, a lawsuit says. But it was soiled at a "very, very, very rich country club."

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