At the age of 17, Vanna In killed a rival gang member. Now, 25 years later, he works as a youth minister in Fresno helping steer youth away from crime.

James Knott Sr., who died of natural causes, was the inventor of a form of welded wire mesh used for 85 percent of lobster traps in North America. It was a finalist last year as a non-concrete option for the proposed border wall.

Julian Carr's 1913 dedication of the Silent Sam statue was recalled in protests on Monday night.

Timiyah Landers sustained second- and third-degree burns to nearly half her body, her mother said.

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In addition to possible court fights, an executive order provides due process, including appeals, for those contesting revocations of security clearances.

The outspoken Trump critic relayed a joke about the president and the Potomac River that suggested the best outcome would be for the president to drown.

Called “Liu Xing,” which means “shooting star,” the song is performed by Katherine Ho, a 19-year-old biology major at the University of Southern California.

Steve Dennis, who back then didn't yet have a name, was found in a telephone booth by two bread deliverymen in January 1954.

When Trump failed to persuade the senior Cuomo to put pressure on his son to approve mortgage insurance for a Manhattan development project, the real estate mogul concluded in the 1990s, “you can go to hell."

When Akbar Cook saw the bullying trickle over to social media, it was a sign the school needed to step in, he said.

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