“Oh my God, this is terrible,” Trump said in May 2017 reacting to news that a special counsel had been appointed, according to the report. “This is the end of my presidency. I’m f-----.”

They were climbing a route that park officials described as “remote and an exceptionally difficult objective, with mixed rock and ice routes requiring advanced alpine mountaineering skills.”

The gruesome murder of a young woman has thrown Bangladesh into a heated debate over sexual assault.

Sarah Sanders turned to the safe space of "Hannity" to discuss the Mueller report's claim that she lied to reporters.

When dozens of neighbors started to gather in front of the home to see Juliet, snapping photos and live-streaming off their cellphones, they each had the same question: What was an 18-foot-long snake doing on the roof?

Josh Bratchley had no food or water. No one knew if he was alive or dead, if he had found an air pocket or drowned in the murky water.

The victim reportedly told police that the couple had confiscated his visa and driver’s license and threatened to send photos of the unwanted sexual encounter to his wife back in Mexico if he didn't return the next day.

“Will we see Disney princesses in the new stained glass?” the Texas Republican tweeted Wednesday in response to Disney pledging $5 million for restoration efforts.

Jokes ranged from using Tasers or other force on inmates to planting drugs on them or putting them into “the box,” a reference to a type of solitary confinement.

The religious right closed ranks around the vice president as some students, faculty and alumni expressed concern about his planned appearance at Taylor University in Upland, Ind.

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