There are pedicabs, and then there are pedicabs.

Fast Company has a feature about industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue’s re-imagining of the pedicab. It looks like something fit for Cinderella, should she ever decide to lay off the horses to avoid being picketed by PETA.

Cobonpue, a Phillipines-born designer known for his work with natural materials, calls it the Eclipse.

In addition to its clean, eco-friendly design, the Eclipse sports some modern comforts you’re unlikely to find on current rickshaws: cup holders, speakers, a fan, even an iPhone charging dock (no word on whether it’s compatible with the nine-pin or 30-pin connectors).

Coponbue’s moved the bicycle to the side of the carriage, instead of the front, where it’s typically located. Perhaps to spare passengers a view of their pilots huffing and puffing along, or to reduce the likelihood of riders being subjected to plumber butt?

Either way, these could be a hit on the National Mall, or at SXSW, where the base fare for an Uber ride can be as much as $55.